Enhancing Product Organoleptic Properties

Enhancing bakery softness

As bakery products age certain changes take place which affect their organoleptic properties. 

These may include:

  • Wheatstarch retrogradation (staling) causing a firming of the crumb and reduced softness;
  • Moisture in the crumb and crust evaporates leading to a drier eat;
  • Crumb loses resilience and flexibility causing crumbliness and breakage;
  • The eating experience becomes less luxurious and pleasurable;
  • Products are more likely to be considered ‘stale’ and subsequently discarded as waste.

Bakenology Blends growing range of durOsoft softness and freshness enhancers create a luxurious eating experience in bakery products by delaying the rate of crumb firming and increasing the perception of crumb softness, moistness and richness.

Long life cake - durOsoft1913

Enhanced Softness and moistness

Long life cake - durOsoft1914

Enhanced Softness and moistness

Long life flatbreads - durOsoft1923

Increased flexibility and softness

Sweet Dough (Doughnut) - durOsoft1945

Softness, moistness and crumb strength over life

Gluten Free Cake and Scone - durOsoft1958

G F Softness and moistness  over life

High Ratio / Pound and Crème Cake - durOsoft1964

Enhanced moistness and richness

Enhanced softness and mouthfeel

Using selected enzymes (and in some formulations, additional functional emulsifiers and hydrocolloids), the expanding range of durOsoft enhancers gives bakeries the opportunity to improve and extend crumb softness, increase the perception of moistness, deliver better crumb resilience and flexibility, and offer a richer, creamier eat both during existing and potentially over an extended product shelf life.

durOsoft enhancers are concentrated blends of micro ingredients and appropriate wheatflour type and are formulated for low dosage (usually 0.5 – 2.0% flour weight).

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