for consistent dough and batter conditioning and processing

Raising Agents for the baking industry

Raising Agents (also known as baking powders) are essential ingredients in chemically raised products like sponge and cake, and occasionally used in some pastry and yeast raised products.  The main functionality of a Raising Agent is to release CO² gas during the mixing and baking stages which provides batter aeration, baked volume, baked profile and the desired crumb texture, as well as influencing the crumb softness and both crust and crumb colour.

The Raising Agents are carefully formulated blends containing at least three components: an acidulant; a bicarbonate and an inert, low moisture diluent.

Gluten Free Cake - durOrise0164

Suitable for most emulsified and aerated batters, this blend contains no phosphate acidulants and is guaranteed Gluten Free.

Cake and Sponge - durOrise0271

Suitable for most emulsified and aerated batters, this blend contains no phosphate acidulants and is blended on wheatflour.

Frozen batter and doughs - durOrise0403

Retarded gassing action – very little pre-bake release

Cake & Sponge - durOrise0631

Good all round Raising Agent with some pre-bake release.

Fried Products - durOrise0699

Fast gassing action with some pre-bake release

Scones - durOrise0834

Double acting Raising Agent with crumb softening enzyme addition.

What's the best acidulant to use?

  • The acidulant type determines the rate at which CO² gas is released;
  • Every acidulant has a different neutralising strength which (in combination with the bicarbonate) governs the total amount of CO² generated.

The particle size of both the acidulant and bicarbonate are important in the gassing reaction.

For manufacturers wishing to enjoy the benefits of phosphate based Raising Agents, Bakenology Blends offers solutions containing SAPP and MCP. Alternatively, for bakeries wishing to reduce their environmental impact, a range of Phosphate free Raising Agents is available.

For bakeries producing allergen free products, Bakenology Blends offer solutions that are externally tested to ensure a Gluten content of <5ppm.

It is also possible for durOrise Raising Agents to be combined with freshness enhancing enzymes which allow easier dosing.

durOrise Raising Agents are also available in Phosphate free formulations and with external testing to ensure Gluten content of below 5ppm.

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