for consistent dough and batter conditioning and processing

Dough Conditioners and Bread Improvers

A comprehensive range of bread improvers (also known as dough conditioners) and process improvers have been developed to optimise dough processing and deliver baked products with superior volume, attractive appearance, desirable crumb texture and a pleasurable eating experience.

Each durObake dough conditioner has been developed for a specific bread type and is a concentrated blend of enzymes and other micro ingredients dispersed using a low dusting wheatflour; formulated for dosage between 0.5 – 1.0% flour weight.

These conditioners are available as clean label or for specific bread applications combined with additional functional ingredients to deliver strengthened dough handling and baked quality attributes.

White/Wholemeal Bread & Rolls - durObake2106

The most popular dough conditioner containing selected enzymes and ascorbic acid for efficient dough handling, impressive baked volume and a clean label ingredient declaration.

Baguette/Batons and Rolls - durObake2109

Combining selected enzymes with DATEM (e472e) emulsifier, this dough conditioner is suited to crusty type products with a crisp crust and open texture.

Soft Rolls - durObake2112

A blend of selected enzymes for easier dough handling and a softer eating together with palm free Distilled Monoglyceride (e471) emulsifier to maintain softness over life.

Tin Bread - durObake2115

Formulated with selected enzymes to enhance crumb strength and resilience, this blend includes palm free SSL (e481) emulsifier for cell uniformity.

Particulate (Seeded/Grain) breads - durObake2118

Developed to minimise the dough weakening effects of particulate additions and enhance both crumb strength and baked volume by using selected enzymes and DATEM (e472e) emulsifier.

Pizza/Flatbreads - durObake2034

A popular dough conditioner used in many flat bread products that are sheeted and baked at high temperature. Contains both Protease and a specific Amylolytic enzyme for relaxation and crumb resilience over shelf life.

YRD/Sweet Dough - durObake2035

A blend of selected enzymes developed for consistent processing of Yeast Raised Doughnuts and sweet dough goods that have higher levels of sugar in the formulation.

Long Fermentation Processes - durObake2069

Specifically developed for (butter) enriched doughs that undergo a long fermentation time where the absence of Lipolytic enzymes is important.

Enzyme FunctionalityEnzymeBenefit / Effect
Breaks down Starch into Glucose during fermentationFungal AmylaseProvides yeast food, baked volume and deeper crust colour.
Breaks down starch during baking into dextrinsBacterial AmylaseDelivers the perception of moistness and crumb softness over life.
Breaks down starch during baking into MaltoseMaltogenic AmylaseEnhances crumb softness by slowing starch re-crystallisation (staling / firming).
Breaks down starch into Glucose during fermentationAmylo-glucosidaseGives a deeper, more consistent crust colour with glossy sheen.
Breaks down Aribinoxylan fibresXylanaseIncreases baked volume.
Breaks down Cellulose fibresCellulaseIncreases water absorbtion and baked volume.
Breaks down Aribinoxylan materialHemi-CellulaseReduces water absorbtion giving shorter bake times and crisper texture.
Breaks down Polar LipidsTri-Glyceride LipaseDelivers a finer crumb texture and enables emulsifier reduction.
Breaks down Phospholipids and GalactolipidsPhospholipaseIncreases baked volume and gives finer texture and brighter crumb colour.
Crosslinks gluten by oxidationGlucose OxidaseProduces a drier dough with increased strength, allows possible gluten reduction.
Breaks down protein and glutenProteaseRelaxes dough for easier processing with reduced shrinkage.

Safe Enzyme Use

Every enzyme type used by Bakenology Blends is considered to function as a processing aid; in line with current regulations, their declaration on the ingredient label is entirely optional.

All enzymes used by Bakenology Blends are NOT classed as Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO).

The emulsifiers used in selected durObake blends are Rapeseed Oil based and totally PALM Free.

Every durObake blend can be blended using either non fortified or Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) free wheatflour to meet the specific requirements of EU bakeries and retailers.

durObake - Process Improvers

The range of durObake Process Improvers have been developed to resolve specific processing or quality issues and can be used in combination with dough conditioners. They are available with functionalities including reduced water absorbtion for enhanced crispness (crispbreads), a reduction in oil pick-up (doughnuts), enhanced dough relaxation (sheeted products) and for extended microbial preservation (as an optimised pH and preservative blend with no liquid acetic acid handling). 

Crisp Bread / Crouton - durObake1806

Formulated for low moisture bakery products, this specific enzyme blend reduces the ability of wheatflour to absorb water resulting in both faster baking times and crisper products.

Sheeted dough products - durObake1829

An alternative to De-activated yeast for relaxation of sheeted doughs, this protease enzyme blend is non declarable and offers cost in use reductions.

Fried Products - durObake1836

Developed to reduce oil pick-up in fried products using hydrocolloids and gums to seal the dough surface and reduce water evaporation and oil uptake.

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