About Bakenology Blends

a packing line from a large industrial bakery blending machine
Who we are

Our Story .

Since 2020, Bakenology Blends have been developing, producing and supplying a range of functional ingredients and blends to bakeries and food manufacturers across the UK and EU under their DURO brand.

Their purpose built, modern 250m2 site in Leicestershire, UK, is home to their raw material and finished product storage, multiple flexible production lines and a well-equipped test bakery for development and product assessment.

Bakenology Blends can accommodate specific customer requirements: producing on demand with short lead times and low minimum order quantities whilst operating within a BRCGS accredited Food Safety and Quality Management system.

The management team strongly believe that their combination of industry and ingredient knowledge, flexible production capability and their pro-active, collaborative attitude, makes them stand out from many other ingredient suppliers.

Bakenology Blends prides itself on supplying functional blends and ingredients that make a positive difference to bakery products and processes offering opportunities to:

  • Increase crumb softness and the perception of moistness;
  • Create a richer, more indulgent eating experience;
  • Enhance the organoleptic quality (freshness) over extended shelf-life;
  • Deliver superb looking products with an attractive crumb texture;
  • Achieve a ‘cleaner’ ingredient declaration;
  • Resolve specific processing or handling issues;
  • Produce nutritionally controlled products;
  • Extend product mould free shelf-life;
  • Reduce both process and end of life waste;
  • Lower total ingredient costs.

Complimentary to their growing range of DURO products, Bakenology Blends also works on a consultancy basis for bakery manufacturers to develop ‘made to measure’ ingredient blends that meet their own specific ingredient, recipe, processing, nutritional or quality requirements. 

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