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Bakenology Blends is part of Bakenology Limited and commenced life in early 2020 as the manufacturing arm of Bakenology Ltd.

Bakenology Blends is a privately owned family business operated by Ken and Maria Laidlaw with support from a trusted group of industry experts in areas of Sweet Bakery, Product Development, Technical Management and Food Chemistry and direct access to many major raw material manufacturers where necessary.

Having a great team with decades of experience in the bakery sector, Bakenology Blends objective is to work very closely with bakery manufacturers, developing and supplying customised, highly concentrated ingredient blends that deliver specific baked quality and/or processing benefits. Being a small, efficient operation, Bakenology Blends relishes developing customised blends that are technically challenging, complex or and small volume.

Operating from a new facility in central UK (Leicestershire), Bakenology Blends uses a well-equipped development bakery to evaluate and trial ingredient blends coupled with a product assessment laboratory to measure specific quality attributes.  Once approved, blends are produced using a highly efficient low shear mixing process that gives excellent ingredient dispersion. All raw materials undergo 2 sieving stages and are automatically tracked from intake to despatch to provide rapid traceability.

Production commenced in Summer 2020 and Bakenology Blends received BRC accreditation in October 2020.

a packing line from a large industrial bakery blending machine
Our Story

History About Us

I have nearly 30 years’ experience within the Bakery Industry, principally in Product and Process Development roles, following a long family tradition for baking.

I studied at the National Bakery School (London UK) obtaining my National Diploma in Baking and winning the City and Guilds Silver Medal for Bakery Production Processes in 1989. Since then, I’ve applied and built upon this knowledge whilst working within Bakery Manufacturing, Ingredient Blending and Flour Milling operations both in the UK and worldwide.

My first permanent role was as trainee Production Manager at the Panaficio Italiano bakery (London UK) producing speciality breads using sponge and doughs whilst managing 6 non English speaking staff.

In 1989, I joined flour millers WH Marriage and Sons (Chelmsford UK) as Technical and Laboratory Manager, implementing the changeover from Potassium Bromate to Ascorbic Acid in flour, preparing for the BS 5750 quality standard and developing speciality flours for Ciabatta, Bagels and Pizza bases.

Next, I joined RHM Research and Engineering (High Wycombe UK) as Bakery Technologist where for 20 months I worked on projects for RHM Milling, British Bakeries, Marlow foods and was seconded to Mr Kipling to help develop a range of new cake and pastry products for leading retailers.

In 1994, knowing Product and Process development was my strength, I joined Geest Prepared Foods (Katies Kitchen, London) as Bakery Technologist.  Here I gained my first taste of high volume, high care bakery products. I was tasked to develop the recipe and production process for authentic Italian pizza and flatbreads, using sponge and dough and traditional cross pining and hand stretching techniques.  Following their successful launch I transferred to Geest’s Barton upon Humber site as Process Development Manager, leading projects to design and commission two production lines to take many speciality bread, pizza and microwave snack concepts through to successful launch.

1997 saw me join Northern Foods (Kara Bakeries) as group Product and Process Development Manager for their Milton Keynes, London and Manchester sites – each one a high volume ambient or frozen manufacturer of QSR and retailer bakery products.  I managed process projects including improvement and upgrades to Lanham and Baketec hamburger lines, commissioning a SASIB automated Croissant line and designing and commissioning a Mecatherm front end Bloc.  Alongside these projects, I developed or re-developed American Muffins, Burger Buns, Croissants, Fry Pies, Pizza Doughballs and Dinner Rolls whilst supporting the Procurement Manager in some very profitable ingredient cost reduction projects.

In 2001 I started with Bowmans Milling (Hitchin UK) as Customer Development Manager. My first project was introducing heat treated cake-flour as a replacement to Chlorinated cake-flour – it was here that many long standing relationships with major cake manufacturers began.  Over time, I developed a diverse portfolio of speciality and thermally processed flours and flour based blends for many different bakery applications. I helped Bowmans become the preferred supplier to major UK and EU manufacturers, and actively participated in customers development processes, plant trials, process audits and product assessments. 

In 2009, I accepted a Product Development Manager role with AB Mauri (Peterborough UK). I specialised in the formulation and application of enzyme and functional ingredients blends for industrial sweet bakery manufacturers across the world.  The application of these blends often required bowl recipe re-formulation and process optimisation to deliver maximum benefits. I worked on projects with Industrial bakeries on Snack Cake and Muffins, Swiss Roll, Pound Cake, Yeast Raised and Cake Donuts, Laminated Pastries and long life Batters, meeting customer demands for enhanced and extended shelf-life, softness, cleaner ingredient listing and ingredient cost reduction.

Aware of an increasing need for experienced Bakery Technologists within the Industry, I created Bakenology Limited in January 2015, where as a consulting Bakery Technologist, I offer practical project support  with a scientific / technological bias to a range of international clients.

My specialisms are in product development (particularly with wheatflour and functional ingredients) and process design and optimisation.

My preference is Speciality and Sweet bakery products.

My aim is to help clients increase profitability through the production of consistent quality products by:

  • Manufacturing the same product at less cost.
  • Producing more products for the same cost.
  • Developing (or improving) products to satisfy new markets and current consumer trends.

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